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Set up the corrugated board technology research institute
● Set up a corrugated board production technology research institution focused on
● Gathered a number of technical personnel engaged in the production of corrugated cardboard for many years
● All full-time, only for the customers of corrugated board production line of Difficult miscellaneous diseases,.

For analysis, decomposition, formulate feasible solutions for customers, exclude the difficulty and anxiety
Strong R & D + control system development team
● Has a number of highly skilled R & D team and industry experienced high quality personnel
● British technical experts on-site technical guidance
● Has 22 independent research and development patents
Professional and efficient installation and after-sales service team
● 20 people's after-sales service team
● 24 hours to reach the customer plant
● Eight regional presence of business managers and after-sales service team
● Every time after sale service must have customer satisfaction sign record
Product quality assurance
● To ensure the stability of each sample, the company set up a new equipment performance test center.
(Hubei Qin beauty corrugated products Technology Co. Ltd.), all the equipment in the factory after the assembly debugging,
To install to Hubei Qin beauty corrugated products limited company of science and technology, the actual production test,Test
The test period is one month, and after the operation of the master to confirm the rear can be produced.
● Company through the ISO9000, each sample of raw materials to implement the whole test, the device is assembled, by OQC
In accordance with the company into the machine to test the standard acceptance before the factory.
● All using the national standard steel material, the core part of the original product accessories using well-known brands (German: FAG, ASNU; France: schneider Japan: SMC)
Timely delivery, grant whatever is requested
● Stable molding of the company's products
● Independent processing capacity + perfect supplier matching system + assembly workshop fine division of labor
+ data based performance management
● (Monday to Sunday) *24 hours of professional service team to solve customer problems
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Gauangdong Qinshanmei intelligent equipment Company Limited by Share

     Gauangdong Qinshanmei intelligent equipment Company Limited by Share specializes in engaged in corrugated cardboard production new process and new technology research and development and promotion. The company is a collection of scientific research and practical testing, new product development design, production and sales, Gaoke technology enterprise maintenance training as one of the.Factory covers an area of 6000 square meters, the existing design team of 11 people, the installation of 18 people, sales team 13 people, production and processing more than 80 people, more than 40 sets of free processing equipment......[More]

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